Full version free and open source

Since Sept 2019 the full featured version of VeeCAD is free and open source. It remains file compatible with all previous versions. You can download and install VeeCAD with no licence key required.

Features available to all users

Library files provided pre-built for use with TinyCAD, Kicad, DesignSparkPCB and XL Designer. tick
VeeCAD libraries supplied for instant component creation during netlist import. tick
Accessible library system allows new outlines and libraries. tick
Multiple track patterns, including SMD components. tick
Editor moves, rotates, connects components. tick
Editor places components diagonally. tick
Connectivity Check shows errors. tick
Rotate a selected block through 180 degrees. tick
Color. tick
Component Text.
(Shows and prints designators (eg "R14") and values (eg "120R") for easy schematic reference and board loading.
Placeable Text. tick
Trace Nets : highlights pins & strips on the same net. tick
Grouped Components act as a unit during editing. tick
Auto Router for strip pattern boards. tick
Track Editor for drawing new board patterns tick