Editor Needed !

You need a schematic editor to produce a netlist file for VeeCAD to import.

Default Schematic Editor

For a quick start, download the TinyCAD schematic editor, then draw your schematics using the special TinyCAD symbol libraries that are supplied with VeeCAD.

Alternative Schematic Editors

Most schematic editors can work with VeeCAD, provided you copy the basic VeeCAD library file and rename the outlines to match the footprints used in your schematic library.

VeeCAD works with these netlist formats: Contact the author if you require another format added to VeeCAD.

Free Editors

VeeCAD installs ready-to-run with the editors marked ** recommended **. While VeeCAD works with the other editors, you will have to make your own adapted VeeCAD outline libraries. Here are some editor reviews.

Choosing a Schematic Editor