Pin Numbers or Pin Names?

I make the following symbols in my schematic editor:
When I import my netlist into VeeCAD, I want to see components like this:
Unfortunately, I have to make 3 different library outlines in VeeCAD, because the 3 components have different Pin Text. I fix this by giving all pins the same text like this:
So, if you want to make outline libraries without duplicating many outlines: number pins, don't give them electrical names like +/-, A/K, Anode/Cathode, CBE, SGD, AKG, IN/OUT. Here is another example: two parts which use the same DIP-8 outline provided numbers are used instead of electrical names:

Organise Your CAD Libraries

These principles apply whether you are using a PCB layout program or VeeCAD for stripboard:

Confusion in the CAD World

If you work on PCB CAD projects, you may have noticed these problems: In modifying such projects, one must guess at the correct outline to use, duplicate an existing outline and rename the pins, enter an additional outline created from a datasheet footprint, modify a schematic symbol so as to use an existing footprint, etc. This work is costly and produces board and manufacture problems. Worst of all, a company cannot build up a standard parts library of preferred parts. So use the library system explained here!

Special Case: Matching Your PCB CAD Footprint Names

If you want to build a VeeCAD library which is compatible with your schematic-PCB package, you will have to abandon the Pin Numbers Only rule and match your schematic symbol pin names. This will mean duplicating some VeeCAD outlines and altering the pin names.