The VeeCAD story : how VeeCAD was developed.

Organising CAD : using pin numbers to build consistent schematic to PCB/VeeCAD libraries.

VeeCAD Answers : First time users often ask these questions.

Electronic CAD - I don't understand! This PDF document takes you step by step from your first TinyCAD schematic through to your first VeeCAD layout.

CAD Reviews : Strengths and weaknesses of some CAD Programs.

VeeCAD on Wine : Installing VeeCAD on Ubuntu.

Comparing Track Patterns : A circuit built on 8 different board patterns,

Project Ideas

meccano An article describing stripboard techniques, as well as applications for electronics in models.
Ron J's Circuit Page has links to a construction article and power supply and alarm circuits with stripboard layouts.
cxi Circuit Exchange International carries an article on stripboard construction as well as many schematics suitable for stripboard.


futurlec_adapter Futurelec: very affordable SMD adapters for ICs.
omega_adapter Omega Research:  each SMD adapter covers multiple packages. Also German and U.S. agents.
protoboard Proto Chip: small PCBs you can use to mount SMD chips on stripboard. The TSSOP Panel may suit you. You can ask for custom proto boards and production PCB layouts.
surfboard Surfboards: single inline style adapters can mount vertically and hold resistors, capacitors, transistors and ICs.  See distributors list for purchase.

Spot Face Cutters

cutter duratool_cutter

Where to buy stripboard and prototyping boards

Many suppliers ship outside their home country.