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Message started by MarkM on Sep 27th, 2008 at 6:27am

Title: eagle netlist
Post by MarkM on Sep 27th, 2008 at 6:27am
When I import the eagle netlist Veecad (free version) gives the error: Invalid Pin Number "GND" in Pin to Net assignment on line 98.

IC2-GND   is pin 2 of a voltage regulator 7805  (pin 1- IN, pin 2- GND, pin 3-OUT)

If I change IC2-IN, IC2-GND and IC2-OUT  to IC2-1, IC2-2 and IC2-3 it works fine.  I get no errors in eagle.

Is there something I can change to prevent this error?


IC2-GND        <-   Error is here.

Title: Re: eagle netlist
Post by MarkM on Sep 27th, 2008 at 6:50am
I answered my own question.   The pins of 7805 in eagle library were named IN, GND, OUT.  
Changed them to pin numbers. All is fine.

Title: Re: eagle netlist
Post by Roger Lascelles on Sep 27th, 2008 at 10:46am
Hello Mark

You have it working - excellent!

For the big picture see

Title: Re: eagle netlist
Post by MarkM on Sep 27th, 2008 at 3:31pm
In order for VeeCad to use the correct outline, the Eagle library needs to have a matching package name.  

After I import the eagle net list all I see are U shaped outline for all the components. How do I use the correct outline for resistors, caps, etc?

Title: Re: eagle netlist
Post by Roger Lascelles on Sep 28th, 2008 at 8:40am
In VeeCAD, go Netlist -> Import. Use the Add button to add each VeeCAD *.per library files found at C:\Program Files\VeeCAD\Library. Tick the checkbox beside every library file.  Now VeeCAD will match footprint and outline names and create parts automatically when you netlist import.

Parts from your Eagle schematic libraries won't have footprint names which match VeeCAD library outline names.  I suggest you copy your favourite schematic parts to your own Eagle library and set the footprint names and pin numbers.  Most of us have relatively few favorite parts, and you don't need to add them all at once - just those you need for the current project.

Title: Re: eagle netlist
Post by ame on Nov 15th, 2008 at 4:45am
This doesn't work in the free version (right?) I don't see any checkboxes or a list of library files.

I am using KiCAD.  I have successfully exported a netlist, and fixed the 'named' pins (changed to numbers).  All my components are 'u-shaped' outlines, and I don't know how to map each component to the library symbol.

Here are my steps:

1. Make schematic in KiCAD
2. Export netlist
3. Start new project in VeeCAD
4. Netlist|Import
5. All my components appear as u-shapes in the top left of the board layout.

If I go to Board|Components all my components are there, but the outline is $noname and the Next and Prev buttons in "Change outline" do nothing.

I'm probably missing a simple step (or misunderstanding something), but what?

Hints and tips would be appreciated.  I am sure it will be a great program, providing I can get unstuck.



Title: Re: eagle netlist
Post by Roger Lascelles on Nov 15th, 2008 at 6:52am
Hello Ame - welcome to the forum!

1. Yes, this forum topic assumes you have the full version.  But many users are happy with the free version and its simplicity.

2.  I think Kicad emits "$noname" when you have not set the footprint.  In VeeCAD, go Board ->Outlines and check you have more than one outline.  In Kicad, you have to set the package outline individually - see the VeeCAD Help topic Organising CAD -> Schematic Editors for a Kicad screen shot of this.

3.  Hand editing the netlist can wear you down, because every time you fix your schematic and export the netlist, you have to re-edit your netlist.  I prefer to copy schematic library symbols to my own small library and alter pin numbers and add outline names as needed.  Most of us only have a small number of favorite parts, so it is not too hard.

4.  If Kicad is frustrating, consider switching to the easy TinyCAD.  VeeCAD has already installed some TinyCAD symbol libraries so you get a "plug and play" solution.

5.  In the Help file, Tutorials -> Netlist Import - shows you how to work with the free version.  Don't forget the step where you check the netlist is valid!  Basically, the tutorial shows you how to quickly create the outlines on the spot.  That may seem hard, but many users like that method.

6.  I suggest that when you finish your first project, look at the end of the Netlist Import tutorial for tricks to sustitute for libraries.

7.  This is challenging stuff, so please post again, or email as required.

Title: Re: eagle netlist
Post by ame on Nov 15th, 2008 at 9:37am
Hello again,

Thanks for the welcome and swift response.

I don't want to move to TinyCAD (although it does look good).  I am running KiCAD because it is cross-platform and free.  I run Linux, and consequently I am running (the free version) of VeeCAD under Wine.  Unfortunately the help system is borked under Wine (I don't know if it's a general thing, or just VeeCAD) but this means that I didn't do the Tutorial.  I did hunt around for as much other information as I could both on this site and wherever else VeeCAD was mentioned.

In Board|Outlines I have no outlines.  Hmm.  I better fix that first I think...

Best wishes,


Title: Re: eagle netlist
Post by ame on Nov 16th, 2008 at 8:01am
Ok, I can read the CHM help file with kchmviewer or xchm, so I now have the information I need to continue.



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