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Validation and Project (Read 2899 times)
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Validation and Project
Apr 28th, 2008 at 10:18pm
Sorry in advance if these are stupid questions but I am new to this. I have searched the forum for 'validation' and there were none found.

Can someone explain what the Netlist/Validation and Project tabs do on both the free and commercial versions? I am running the free version and had assumed that once I imported a netlist from TinyCad and laid out and connected the components, that Veecad would validate that the layout matched the netlist. Validation shows 'no errors' but then if I move a resistor to a different (and wrong) place there are still 'no errors'. Even deleting the resistor has no affect on Validation, however Project then states that there is 'no item' for that component. Is there any validation or does that only come in the paid version?

How extensive is the outline library in the paid version? Is there a list or index of outlines eg how do I know to use DIP or DIL, is it DIL18 or DIL-18 or what? (As I said I am new to this!!)

Thanks for your perseverance

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Roger Lascelles

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Clifton Springs, Australia
Re: Validation and Project
Reply #1 - Apr 29th, 2008 at 12:54am
Hello Clive

Your questions are not stupid, but show how tricky CAD can be, and reveal some deficiencies in the VeeCAD help file.  Other users will find this forum topic useful too.

To establish that your layout is correct in paid or free version, you have to use 3 checks:

1. The Validation tab tells you that the netlist you imported is self consistent, without contradictions such as a pin being in two different nets.  An error reported here would be due to a malfunction in your schematic editor, so mostly you will see no errors.

2. The Project tab tells you that you have all the components and pins required by your netlist.  Look here to find missing or surplus components or components with a pin missing from the footprint.  The Project tab information confirms that the parts visible on your layout are correct.

3. The Draw Net Errors display shows you pins wrongly connected (red dot) and missing connections (red line).  Once there are no dots or lines, your layout is correct.

Once you satisfy 1,2,3 above, your layout is correct, provided you have not fooled VeeCAD by placing two pins or links in the same stripboard hole - and that is easy to spot.  As hundreds of users can confirm, your layout *will* be correct.

You describe moving a resistor around and seeing no errors - if this still concerns you, email me the .per file and describe the problem, so I can assist.  http://veecad.com/contact.html

The free and commercial versions have the same Outline (footprint)  library, and the same TinyCAD schematic library. The TinyCAD library does not synchronise fully with the Outline library supplied.  I have not concentrated on the TinyCAD library, because many users have different schematic editors.  A bigger, rationalised Outline library would be useful.

Unlike PCB CAD, libraries are not critical in VeeCAD.  Outlines are defined rapidly and most users have a limited collection of favourite parts rather than requiring a comprehensive collection.  Free version users often freshly define footprints immediately after the first netlist import in a project - the job only takes a few minutes.

If you start VeeCAD then do File->Open on a library file, then do Board->Outlines, you will see a list of all outlines and can  view and edit the shapes.
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