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VeeCAD Stripboard Editor
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starting a newfile (Read 4431 times)
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starting a newfile
Sep 27th, 2008 at 7:01pm
I notice when I start a new file and import my net list. The outline library isn't available unless I copy and past from V_standards.per (for example).   Shouldn't the whole outlines library be available?

When I create a new component the Designator (label) is printed where pin 1 is located.  I have to manually move the label.

Neeed a faster way to select outlines. Clicking through outlines is tedious.  Smiley

Would like to see import/export outline library so users can share libraries. You can disable this in the free version.

How about a components library?  I could just select my own components to show on the board.

I notice you mentioned having Veecad automatically build the outlines.  You could use scripting to form each graphic outline. A sort of prograaming language.  Or how about importing eagle library and convert the eagle package graphics.

It's simply amazing how many different package designations there are.  Seems like every manufacture wants to have their own proprietary package.

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Roger Lascelles

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Clifton Springs, Australia
Re: starting a newfile
Reply #1 - Sep 28th, 2008 at 3:48am
Hello Mark

The issues you raise are central to the CAD process - and I hope I can help.

If your schematic and VeeCAD libraries are coordinated, you will perform only the following steps:

- draw your schematic
- export your netlist
- import your netlist into VeeCAD
- move and interconnect your parts in the VeeCAD layout editor

Generic "U" shaped parts, searching the outline list, copying and pasting outlines will not occur.

If you don't want to coordinate schematic and VeeCAD libraries, install TinyCAD and use only the TinyCAD libraries provided at C:\Program Files\VeeCAD\Library\TinyCAD. Every part in those libraries has a shape found in the VeeCAD libraries, and parts are automatically created at the instant of netlist import. TinyCAD is amazingly easy compared with Eagle, so you won't waste much time!

To get automatic component creation in VeeCAD-

1. Use the Full version of VeeCAD.

2. In VeeCAD, go Netlist -> Import. Use the Add button to add each VeeCAD *.per library files found at C:\Program Files\VeeCAD\Library. Tick the checkbox beside every library file.

3. Import your netlist again.

The CAD world does not use standard footprint names, so VeeCAD cannot anticipate the names found in the particular Eagle libraries you are using. This is not so bad, because you will tend to use a limited number of favorite parts like resistors, capacitors, transistors and ICs. Start your own Eagle library and copy in your favorite parts from other Eagle libraries. Alter the footprint names and pin numbers to match footprints from the VeeCAD libraries.

While I do provide a TinyCAD library, I can't provide libraries for all the schematic editors in use, since I'd have to purchase, install and coordinate all these products. However, users are welcome to post schematic library files on this forum. Most useful would be equivalents of the TinyCAD libraries supplied with VeeCAD.
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