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VeeCAD Stripboard Editor
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New User, suggestions (Read 2591 times)
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New User, suggestions
Dec 3rd, 2008 at 12:33pm
Hi! Just bought the program. I like it!

Feature requests:
* Make it possible to rotate an entire selected group. This would help alot.

* add Groups like other Windows programs (ie Word), where you could group IC's with Breaks, for moving. Etc.

* Make the Trace Net function show nets when clicking on links. Finding a component lead can take some time, defeating the trace function's purpose.

* In Materials view, display a count of the number of Links.

* Even better, make a statusbar displaying the number of Links and the number of solderpoints.

* "Freeze Trace Net display", would help when moving stuff around for optimization.

* Select: Links Redundant (or similar, to help optimize nets).

* Make use of the additional mouse buttons, so you could erase breaks with the middle mouse button while moving parts, etc.

* Make components "searchable", so you can on a component in the BOM list et voilą, the component is selected on the stripboard. Or being able to Ctrl+F and search for it by text. Useful for boards with lots of parts or when putting together complicated nets.

* Color individual tracks, so you can have a different color for the ground line, Vcc, etc.

* Make radial component lead spacing alt-draggable like the leaded axial components.

* Components not restricted to 90 degrees. You always want to save solder points with a stripboard, this is a biggie!

* Component designator text not restricted to the grid at all.

* Display the leads on radial components.

* DIL auto-type in the outlines editor, so you don't have to type all the pin numbers by hand.

Any of these ideas any good? I previously looked at Lochmaster, don't go there. It's all fancy graphics, but pretty useless. VeeCAD rules!
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Roger Lascelles

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Re: New User, suggestions
Reply #1 - Dec 4th, 2008 at 9:20am
Hello Johannes

Welcome to the forum!

I have added your ideas to my list.  I see some completely new ideas there which can make the program better.  Please be patient, because it can be months or years before a particular feature is added.
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