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VeeCAD Stripboard Editor
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Wires ? (Read 4455 times)
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Wires ?
Dec 15th, 2008 at 10:18pm
I'm exploring Veecad prior to perhaps buying it.  Three questions from my first session:

1) With the free version can I create my own component libraries or do I need to have the commercial version then I get the opportunity to save my own outlines and components  as well as use the existing ones ?

2) related to the above, with the commercial version can I pick outlines from the existing libraries (including custom ones) for a manual layout or do they only appear when importing a netlist ?

3) Wires - if I want to join layout sections with wires (not links) how do I mark those ? The wire tool just seems to add a connection point but I'd like to draw a squiggly line connecting them and colour it. Is that possible ?

Thanks, Andrew
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Roger Lascelles

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Clifton Springs, Australia
Re: Wires ?
Reply #1 - Dec 16th, 2008 at 10:03am
Hello Andrew !

Many users find the free version adequate and I support users of the free version.

1.  The free version does not copy outlines from other files.  However, you can use a single large library file - use a copy of it as a new project and you will have all the outlines available.  You can even use a text editor to move outline and component definitions between .per files.

2.  The commercial version can copy outlines between files, but neither free or commercial versions can copy *components* - because when you are using a netlist, the associated netlist portion has no meaning in the new context.

3.  Sorry, at present there is no line joining wire connections.  Its an interesting idea and I have added to my ideas list.  On the menu, go Board -> Materials and click the Wires tab to see the groups of points you have to wire together.

If you haven't used netlisted CAD before, the schematic -> layout procedure can seem a burden, but it moves you to a new level of documentation and accuracy.  There is a cost though - learning your CAD tools and setting them up.

If you have a longer term interest in electronics, I'd recommend grabbing the TinyCAD schematic editor - it will give you beautiful printouts and you can use the good TinyCAD libraries provided with VeeCAD free version.  TinyCAD schematics will also work with PCB layout editors.

Some VeeCAD users create components on the spot and move the parts around without a netlist.  I don't recommend it though.

The free version is great for quick, smaller projects where you don't want the hassle of maintaining libraries - you can build your outlines in a few minutes after you import the netlist.  See Help -> Tutorials -> Netlist Import.

Finally, accept that VeeCAD is true netlisted CAD, not a graphical tool.  The tutorials show how to work in harmony with VeeCAD - forcing to work differently can be clumsy.
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