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cloud organisation (Read 3449 times)
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cloud organisation
Nov 11th, 2016 at 3:29pm
Trying to organise files to be covered by the Cloud.
I can get the .dsn and .per files into the Cloud although the TinyCAD and VeeCAD systems seem to be different.The only link between the two is of course the name.
I have also managed to get TinyCAD to look at the right libraries.
It has all been rather tricky and several files have been lost in the process. Is there an easy way to do this?

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Roger Lascelles

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Ocean Grove, Australia
Re: cloud organisation
Reply #1 - Nov 12th, 2016 at 1:12pm
Hello Peter

I am guessing that you have a special folder on your computer which is mirrored to an internet service. I can give you some advice:
  • You should not alter the libraries which VeeCAD installs at c:\Program Files(x86)\library, because these are replaced every time you update or reinstall VeeCAD, and any changes you make will be lost. There is no point storing these files in your Cloud folder. For your own special components, create your own additional TinyCAD and VeeCAD libraries and store them in your Cloud folder.
  • Store each project in a separate sub-folder in your cloud folder. Each project folder will contain all files that relate to the project - typically a TinyCAD schematic (.DSN) and VeeCAD (.PER) file, text documents, photos, web pages, graphics, datasheets, etc which belong to the project.
  • Give your schematic, netlist, and VeeCAD file the same name with different file extensions - e.g. power_supply.dsn, power_supply.net, power_supply.per . Remember, VeeCAD expects your netlist file name to match your project file name, and to be in the same folder.
  • See the help file topic "Organising CAD -> Folders and Files".
Please post further if required.

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