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VeeCAD Stripboard Editor
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Hello, and thank you! (Read 316 times)
Kuba M.
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Hello, and thank you!
Apr 15th, 2022 at 11:22am
Just wanted to pop in and give a big thank you for making VeeCad, and especially making the full version available for free.

I'm a total noob trying to teach myself electronics, so far mostly working with solderless breadboards, and when I finally decided to make some of those more permanent, VeeCad was what enabled me to translate the circuit to stripboard neatly, and have an end result which just looked nice. When you can have this printed and stuck to the board, then who needs to have a custom silkscreened PCB? Wink Also, because this is a proper CAD, I had the motivation to get into using KiCad as schematic editor which I'm sure will pay dividends in the future.

If I had any "wouldn't it be nice if", then it would probably be mostly about QoL additions to custom outline editor - like, being able to not only add pins to custom outlines, but also leads (which would be stretchable like normal leads for axial and radial components, but unlike those, wouldn't reposition the outline "body" at all) and wire attach points for parts with wires (would be like a pin, but the only thing it would connect to would be a wire point right on top of it - tracks would be ignored). Also, being able to copy & paste in custom outline editor would be a great help in making new outlines, but I'm sure this one is on a list somewhere already.

But overall, VeeCad is awesome as it is, and I'm sure to keep using it forever. Thanks again!
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Roger Lascelles

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Clifton Springs, Australia
Re: Hello, and thank you!
Reply #1 - Apr 16th, 2022 at 3:20am
Hi Kuba

Its creative, making a neatly finished project that functions.

I like the idea of making every pin "draggable" - that is you can pull it around when editing the layout, the way people do when they bend a pin out on an IC. Your "lead" idea is good too, and no-one suggested it before.

I'm not doing much to VeeCAD these days, only a bit of tuning up. It was hard work and my brain worked better when I started 19 years ago. I do have a project going in the shed at the moment, which is nice after not doing much electronics for a few years. With the world gone crazy, it keeps me happy making something nice instead of reading the news. Electronics can be absorbing. Each project advances our skills and understanding. Hope you have a great time with your projects, and I do get a buzz from hearing that VeeCAD helps you.
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