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VeeCAD Stripboard Editor
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g-code config (Read 57 times)
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g-code config
Aug 7th, 2023 at 2:10pm
I'm just getting to grips with VeeCAD, but this package threatens to revolutionise my prototyping...

As I have a small CNC mill the g-code option to cut tracks should be very useful.  However I think the default DOC at 0.03mm is too small.  A typical copper thickness on stripboard is 0.35 and with a little board warp one could easily not cut a track even if it was increased to say 0.04mm.  I would think that 0.1mm would perhaps be best - what is people's experience please?

Also, what type of cutter?  Ny initial thought was to use an engraving bit, but as the cuts are centred on a hole and standard hole is at least 1mm dia, a 1mm endmill might be a better choice - again, what do people use?

Thanks in advance...
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Roger Lascelles

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Clifton Springs, Australia
Re: g-code config
Reply #1 - Aug 8th, 2023 at 7:22am
Welcome to the forum John.

There was some previous discussion on this topic, including :



I have not tuned the default G code file much because I have never used a mill and  individual users seem to know exactly what will work for them. I am confident that your own judgement is going to be correct. The amount of warp on a board is also a factor for large boards.
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